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The team at Australian Super Finder was just fantastic.
The paperwork was a real hassle and I didn't quite know how to
fill it out. Thank you for simplifying the process overnight. I have one superannuation account and I'm grateful I'm not paying
unnecessary fees and insurance premiums unlike before.

- Steve Damon

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What Australian Super Finder Does?

Tracks down all your Lost, Inactive & Active Superannation Accounts free of charge. We help you consolidate everything we find into the Super Fund of your Choice.

Make sure you have just the one fund now and in the future that you control. Giving you a fresh start and increasing the money available for your retirement.

Super facts

According to the most recent figures from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO ), as of 31 Dec'14, Australians had around $16 billion worth of lost superannuation. This was made up of just over six million lost and ATO-held accounts. If you have multiple Super funds, you pay multiple sets of fees and insurance premiums, dwindling your super savings.

The Average Australian will have 4-5 jobs in their life time. With each job often comes a new Super fund, if you are not rolling over or transferring the old one.

How To Find Lost Super?

In Australia many people have lost track of their super fund accounts.This is surprisingly easy to do if you move home and forget to give your new address details or if mailings get lost on the postal system. Every time you change your job your super fund will change which can also cause confusion and makes it easy to forget where the money is all tied up. If this applies to you, then you are not alone as it is estimated that there is over $18.2 million worth of money that is lost, but could be claimed.

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Get Help in Finding Your Lost Super in Australia

In June of 2017, the Australian Tax Office announced that there was close to $18 billion in lost super. This averages out to around $750 per person for the entire population. Of course, your share may be higher or lower than the average depending on your work history. We are here to help with the process, so just say the magic words: find my super, and we'll do our best to recover the money that is rightfully yours.

What is Your Lost Super Doing Right Now?

There are basically two possibilities for what your lost or unclaimed super is doing at this very moment, and neither of the possibilities is good for you personally.

First of all, your super could still be held at a super fund that you no longer have access to, have forgotten about, or never knew about to begin with. While it is held by a super fund, they are continually taking fees out of it.

The other possibility is that your super is now held at the ATO (Australian Tax Office) where it is currently stagnating, with no possible growth.

This means that time is of the essence, in both cases, in order to find lost super with a minimal amount of lost funds.

But Why Is My Super Lost or Unclaimed?

Your money could be lost, or simply left unclaimed, for a number of reasons. It often comes down to a breakdown in communication due to a change of name, address, or other details, and is generally not a nefarious scheme to defraud you.

Super can be lost if your fund has been unable to contact you, or if you haven't put in any contributions or rollovers within five years. Another possibility is that your account at one super fund has been transferred over to another fund as a lost member account, and that no new valid address for you could be found.

Super can also simply be unclaimed, and will be held by the ATO on your behalf. This unclaimed money includes super for members 65 years of age or older, a spouse who is not a member, or a deceased member. Former temporary residents of Australia may also have unclaimed super.

How Can I Find My Lost Super?

The first step that most people take is to search online to check whether they have any lost or unclaimed funds. This can be done for free via the ATO super search on its website. You will need to have your Tax File Number (TFN) as well as your member number for the super fund you wish to check.

However, it is usually not as easy as a simple search and claim for most people. The average Australian owns up to four accounts, whether they are aware of them or not, and they are all attracting fees.

That is where we come in. The team here at Australia Super Finder can help you find your lost and unclaimed super accounts, and also help you consolidate these accounts to avoid unnecessary fees. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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