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The team at Australian Super Finder was just fantastic.
The paperwork was a real hassle and I didn't quite know how to
fill it out. Thank you for simplifying the process overnight. I have one superannuation account and I'm grateful I'm not paying
unnecessary fees and insurance premiums unlike before.

- Steve Damon

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What Australian Super Finder Does?

Tracks down all your Lost, Inactive & Active Superannation Accounts free of charge. We help you consolidate everything we find into the Super Fund of your Choice.

Make sure you have just the one fund now and in the future that you control. Giving you a fresh start and increasing the money available for your retirement.

Super facts

According to the most recent figures from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO ), as of 31 Dec'14, Australians had around $16 billion worth of lost superannuation. This was made up of just over six million lost and ATO-held accounts. If you have multiple Super funds, you pay multiple sets of fees and insurance premiums, dwindling your super savings.

The Average Australian will have 4-5 jobs in their life time. With each job often comes a new Super fund, if you are not rolling over or transferring the old one.

How To Find Lost Super?

In Australia many people have lost track of their super fund accounts.This is surprisingly easy to do if you move home and forget to give your new address details or if mailings get lost on the postal system. Every time you change your job your super fund will change which can also cause confusion and makes it easy to forget where the money is all tied up. If this applies to you, then you are not alone as it is estimated that there is over $18.2 million worth of money that is lost, but could be claimed.

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