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Super Benefits

Things You May Not Know About TPD

You'd be paid two-thirds of the average weekly work wages you earn for the one year period before your injury day.

As an example, let's say someone makes $26,000 during the four quarters before the quarterly earnings. You take that amount and divide that by 52 weeks, and you end up with $500 average weekly wage. That's $26,000/52 weeks. If someone has a $500 average weekly wage, they will then get 2/3 of that amount which is $333 for the weekly disability benefits payment.

Why 2/3? You may ask. That's because you don't pay any taxes or worker's compensation benefits. What the legislature was trying to do was to have that payment be relatively close to what your take-home pay would normally be after taxes, social security, and those types of things they can add. Usually, the benefit is going to be less than what your take-home pay. The reason they did that was that they're trying to give employees the incentive back to work as soon as they can.
• In most cases, when it comes to temporary or permanent disability benefits, one or two things happen. First, if the doctor says that you can reach maximum medical improvement. And there's nothing more they can do to get you better. There is a legal reason to cut off the benefits.
• Second is if you return work, whether it be the light duty or full duty, that is a basis for cutting off the weekly benefits. You also need to be aware that there are different rules after 150 days of the pass to the date that you were hurt. During the first 150 days, the insurance company has the right to cut off your benefits if they have any reasons whatsoever for doing it.

After 150 days have passed, it then gets harder to cut those benefits off. The insurance company either have the injured person sign out a form with the agreement that the benefits can be stopped, or the insurance company needs to get an order from the worker's compensation division, allowing the benefits to be cut off.

Recovery Benefit

The third benefit is the recovery fee of permanent disability. This is where the settlement comes into play through the worker's compensation case. These two concepts, impairment or disability are very different.

Impairment is the effect an injury has on a particular body part. For example, if I hurt my arm, I may have a 20% disability of the arm or rating will be signed by the treating doctor, and the doctors have a guide they use to come up with those ratings. But I may not have the disability as a result of my arm injury. Disability is the effect of an injured worker's ability to earn a living, to gain any employment or obtain as much money as he had when he was injured.

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