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Your lost super could still be held at a super fund that you no longer have access to, have forgotten about, or never knew about to begin with. While your super is being held by a long-forgotten super fund, your account will be continue to be charged fees which will be deducted from your rapidly-dwindling super balance. Otherwise your lost super may be held by the Australian Tax Office, where it is unlikely to grow. This means that time is of the essence, in both cases, to find your lost super, in order to reduce the likelihood of exorbitant fees and grow your super. Find your Super or talk to an agent.

What is your Lost Super Doing?

There is almost $18 billion of lost superannuation in Australia as at June 2017, according to the ATO, made up of over six million lost superannuation and ATO-held accounts. If you have multiple super funds, this means you’re paying multiple sets of fees and insurance premiums, so your super savings could be slowly dwindling over time.

The average Australian will have 4-5 jobs in their life. With each job often comes a new super fund if you are not transferring funds into your old fund.

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