We can help you find your lost Super free of charge

Have you changed your name, address or job in recent times? If so, now is the time to find those multiple funds & consolidate your super. Australian Super Finder specialise in searching for lost, inactive and active superannuation accounts.

What do we do?

  • Australian Super Finder all your ATO lost super, inactive and active superannuation accounts free of charge.
  • We can then help you consolidate everything we find into a super fund of your choice for a one-off fee.
  • Consolidating all your super funds into one fund generally means you pay less in fees and insurance premiums and saves you more money for your retirement.

Finding lost superannuation online, along with your inactive and active superannuation accounts is a smart decision.

People usually choose to track down their lost super if the answer to any of these questions is ‘Yes’:

  1. Do you have multiple super funds open?
  2. Have you changed jobs?
  3. Have you moved house?
  4. Have you changed your name?
  5. Have you received a letter that the Australian tax office or a roll over fund has taken your super?
  6. Are you are just curious to see if there might be lost super out there?

If you have ever changed your name, job, address, or had part-time or casual jobs, then you may not have kept track of some your superannuation.

You can check your superannuation by registering for the ATO’s myGov – an online service. This will let you

  • see information of all your superannuation accounts, including any accounts you may have forgotten about or lost.
  • locate ATO-held superannuation, held for you when your employer, your fund, or the government could not find an account to contribute your super into.
  • combine your super into one fund.

If you’ve just opened a superannuation account, then it may take up to six months to appear on the myGov account.

You can still combine your superannuation by filling out a balance transfer form for every superannuation account you wish to move from, and mailing it to your new superannuation fund. Check out “Consolidate your Super” for more details.

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