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Why is there so much lost Super?

Why is my Super lost or unclaimed?

The Australian Taxation Office says nearly half of Australians have multiple superannuation accounts. People often open new superannuation accounts when they start a new job or temporarily reside in Australia for example, but each account is charging them at least $532 per year according to the Australian Prudential and Regulation Authority.

Your lost super could simply have been forgotten, or left unclaimed for a number of reasons.

It often comes down to a breakdown in communication due to a change of name, address, or other details.

  • Super can be lost if your fund has been unable to contact you, or if you haven’t added any contributions or rollovers within five years.
  • Another possibility is that your account at one super fund has been transferred over to another fund as a lost member account, yet no new valid address for you could be found.Super can also simply be unclaimed, and will be held by the ATO on your behalf.
  • This unclaimed money includes super for members 65 years of age or older, a spouse who is not a member, or a deceased member. Former temporary residents of Australia may also have unclaimed or lost superannuation.

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