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Can You Return To Work After Accessing My Superannuation Money during Retirement?

If you have been working hard throughout your life and contributing towards superannuation and all the exciting things you might do during retirement, there comes a challenge as to when you had access to your superannuation and what you can do with it.

There are different challenges that you may face beyond retirement, and many Australians are asking, "what about returning to work when it comes to financing?Ē Letís talk about the details of superannuation and retirement in this section.

In the scenario of retiring and having access to that superannuation, what happens when you've spent a few dollars, you've had a bit of a downtime, but then you realize that you have the desire to continue work? What happens with your financial position and how will you manage that?

Often, when people reach their preservation age, which is the age wherein they can access their superannuation money, itís currently the 55 years of age. So if you were born 3 rd of June in 1960, your preservation age (the age in which you can access your super) is 55.

So people often retire at that point and have no intention of going back to the workforce. So, therefore, they can pull out their whole superannuation bell, and they often use that to pay their mortgage or perhaps do some travelling and some other things. But then there comes a point in time where they run out of money or offered an employment contract or some opportunity that they canít pass up. And they think about going back to work again.

And yes, you can go back to work. Even though youíve accessed your superannuation money, you can return to work, and there' s no reason you can't return to work. What will happen there is that the money that youíve already gained accessed to through your previous retirement will remain eligible for you. But then the money you are getting is part of your employment regiment into the future, and you wonít be eligible to touch that until you reach another condition of release after that.

So itís important to understand that you can return to work after accessing your superannuation money.

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