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Why Super Rules Have To Change So Women Can Save More

The Senate recently called for notions on how superannuation rules can be altered to aid women save more superannuation. They acquired numerous submissions from a few of the hugest financial institutions of the country counting the Commonwealth Bank.

Here are a few of the ideas in making our superannuation system work better on behalf of women.

How Huge Is The Gap?

A latest Commonwealth Bank report showed that the average single woman withdraw from work with only 47 per cent of the superannuation she requires for a relaxed retirement while single men usually wind up with 78 per cent of the acclaimed amount, and then couples with 98 per cent.

Why The Gap?

A Colonial First State research reveals numerous women lack confidence in terms of making financial choices, resulting in women to less likely select fast-rising investments such as shares which mean that they can pass by higher returns.

What Has To Change?

Spring states it is not enough to think women in closing the gap by themselves it is moment for the rules to change.

Here are 3 key changes a woman would desire to witness:
1. Aid women save superannuation while taking care for kids. By building superannuation contributions to the Paid Parental Leave Scheme, then we can aid women keep on building superannuation even when they are on maternity leave.
2. Lift limits of contribution while women are employed. By increasing the personal contribution caps, women can save more superannuation while they are working, so that they can augment their superannuation following a career break.
3. Expand employer superannuation to everybody. Right now, folks earning under $450 monthly do not get compulsory employer superannuation contributions, making saving more difficult for low-wage earners and part-timers. Through scrapping that threshold, women are guaranteed to keep saving superannuation, even when they are only part time workers while raising children.

Three Means to Begin Saving More Superannuation Right Now

While it is great news that the Senate looks at means to enhance the superannuation system, change will not happen overnight. Therefore, it is vital for us to take over our superannuation now. Here are 3 easy steps women are able to increase their retirement savings:
1. Pay extra. By requesting your employer to contribute part of your before-tax salary into superannuation by means of salary sacrifice, you can increase your superannuation now while contributing just 15% tax on the contributions, which puts you further ahead.
2. Acquire a government co-contribution. If you make below $50,454 this year, then you could get assistance from the government once you pay a personal contribution into superannuation from your after-tax (non-concessional) income up to 50 cents for a dollar.
3. Acquire financial advice. Your superannuation is a valuable asset, so it is rational to maximize it. For a personalized investment plan, consult a financial adviser.

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