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Super Facts and Tips

Superannuation Optimiser for TPD

This also follows the SIS or Superannuation Industry Supervision Act of permanent incapacity set inside superannuation and the rest of the insurance outside super. Where such ownership structure is applicable, the premium is paid on temporary or permanent disablement insurance within super as fully deductible.

Sumo Super Optimizer is made available to trustees of SMSF. Where any temporary or permanent disablement is kept within super, Superannuation Optimizer is applicable only to the cover offered by the conventional TPD tier and not towards the coverage offer by the Sumo TPD tier that is kept solely within super. Where the ownership structure is applicable, the premium that is paid in regards to the TPD coverage held within super is entirely deductible.


While some portions of this coverage can't be kept inside super, a client can choose to opt for the insurance through a Super Optimizer arrangement that includes:

• The policy made by a superannuation fund that offers coverage for insured circumstances that goes with the conditions of release in the superannuation rules (i.e., terminal illness, death, temporary and permanent disablement).
• A different connected non-super policy that provides for the rest of the coverage. The premium paid to the policy kept inside super is usually tax deductible towards the super fund.

Extra Benefits

Extra Benefits policy is available in connection with Disability Income insurance through a Super Fund and Income Coverage through Active is the policy is kept inside super. The Extra Benefits policy is a distinct non-superannuation policy that offers these benefits:

• Cover Extension
• Future Increases
• Accommodation benefit
• Expenses
• Rehabilitation
• Home Care Benefit
• Bad Confinement Benefit
• Trauma Benefit
• Specific Injury Benefit

This enables Income Coverage and Disability Income Insurance to be set and provided through super, without going through the comprehensive coverage offered by the Extra Benefits policy that pays money that may not be opted for through a super fund as dictated by the super law.

TPD Commutation

The TPD commutation options where Disability Income insurance becomes part of super and enables to a client to choose or obtain the Disability Income Insurance benefits in the form of lump sum as the substitute for present income, provided the insured person complies with the occupation definition of total and permanent disablement. Such compliance must accord to the definition of permanent incapacity by the superannuation legislation.

There is still more about temporary or permanent disablement in our site at www.australiansuperfinder.com.au

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