I had no idea where my lost super was or the names of the funds. I just new it was scattered everywhere and I should definitely have more than $3,000 in my super. Australian Super Finder found all 7 of my funds and now my balance is almost $50,000. Thank you so much for getting my super back on track. ? Leonie, Thomastown VIC

Super Facts and Tips

Super Matchmaking: Wish to find the best Superfund? See how

But just how do you find a fund that's right for you?

1. Recognize your risk

Your risk profile will be based on two things: the duration of your financial investment and your appetite for risk.

The longer time you have to retirement, the more time you have to use the advantages and disadvantages of higher-growth investments, such as shares and property. But if you're preparing to retire quickly, you may choose the safety of a more traditional financial investment with lower growth capacity.

You must take into consideration just how much risk you fit into. The higher the possibility for growth, the higher the risk. Greater growth factors are much more profoundly affected by market volatility, and there is no guarantee that you'll obtain the degree of growth you expect.

At the same time, it's important to balance risk against the need to produce a highly sufficient return to supply the retirement lifestyle you are aiming for. After all, the danger of lacking money in retirement is perhaps the greatest risk of all.

Your threat account relied on your financial investment period and recommended the degree of risk.

By recognizing your threat profile, you can pick a fund with a proper property mix, offering the ideal balance between risk and return. Our on-line risk profile calculator is a terrific place to start. You could learn more about different options and their general risk and return expectations.

2. Consider long-term efficiency

Super is a lasting investment, so it is imperative to look for a fund with the control and consistency to produce solid returns over the longer term. While it can be tempting to choose a fund that's at the top of the performance tables today, keep in mind that previous performance is no variable of future performance, with transforming market conditions frequently generating various effects in different years.

A better method would be to look at the fund's financial investment approach and the quality of their investment procedure. Comparing websites like Morningstar or Cannes can be an excellent place to start. After that, when you find a fund you want, review the Item Disclosure Declaration to figure out how your money will be invested.

If you do make a decision to look at past returns, go for the longest duration that's readily available - ideally five years or more. Also, make sure to compare like with like. Besides, you cannot expect a safe fund to produce the same returns as a higher risk choice.

3. Evaluate the financial investment choices

Diversity in investment classes and fields is a useful way of decreasing risk and acquiring smooth returns in time.

You can either pick a well-balanced financial investment option, with built-in diversification or do it yourself by choosing your mix of different financial investment choices. Remember that you might want to update your mix as you get older and your risk account changes. Making that possible, it can be helpful to choose a fund that allows you to switch quickly between alternatives without paying extra fees.

For more information on choosing a super fund, go to www.australiansuperfinder.com.au

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