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Shares Are Falling and So Are Superannuation Balances but Do Not Overreact

The All Ordinaries index of the Australian Stock Market alone has dropped more than 7% since 4th January. But while we are frequently told to face the truth and quit being droopy about our superannuation, times such as this, an effective plan can be just to do nothing.

It is true that the majority of super funds have no less than 50% publicity to equity markets, however, for the past years; the markets have been growing intensely, therefore, "more equity exposure, the better the returns."

That is why, regardless of the life stage you're at, it's vital to bear in mind that superannuation is a long-term investment, as well as any changes to super investments and strategies, should be considered.

Since the global financial crisis fall, superannuation funds have recovered by more than 80%, according to Jeff Bresnahan, SuperRatings chairman. As a result, all the frightened superannuation investors who withdrew from the markets following they tanked, dumped their cash and then never came back have missed a chance for the growth.

For the Australian median balanced superannuation fund, where up to 70% of folks in the major super funds are spent, returns fell 2.1%in January, stated SuperRatings.

Combined with last year's losses, these super funds are down nearly 1% this financial year. If markets stay volatile, there is an excellent chance exciting performance will typically happen for that year.

But five years ago, the option by the median balanced fund has increased by, average, 7.5% a year.

Certainly ask how your fund is spent and change your long-term plan if has to be but do not overreact to the volatility of the share market, stated Bresnahan.

You can find more superannuation news at www.australiansuperfinder.com.au

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