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Super Facts and Tips

Remembering the Glory Days of Co-Contribution

When the super co-contribution scheme was first introduced and presented in July 2003, it was an innovative policy submitted by the government as a way to encourage people to save even more for retirement.

The idea was simple. If you made a contribution to your super, originally, the government would match the contribution - dollar for dollar, and up to a thousand dollars, when your yearly income was less than a particular amount. You received tax-exempt money as payment for saving for your retirement. It was perfect!

In the co-contribution scheme's first year being in operation, over 600,000 Australians acquired a complimentary tax-exempt superannuation contribution from the federal government, averaging $540 for every eligible taxpayer. In the following year, the number of Australians who participated in the co-contribution scheme increased to 1.2 million recipients.

Women-Friendly Super Policies

The co-contribution scheme has become one of the few woman-friendly super policies. For instance, during the 2003-2004 year, the first year of the co-contribution scheme, 63% of recipients were women, and this trend of gender has continued all through the decade.

A large number of female beneficiaries to a means-tested super co-contribution scheme is sensible when you think that women typically earn less money than men. Moreover, women are more likely to be involved part-time jobs than men.

So far, all is going well. We have a cutting-edge policy that doesn't only encourage, but assist individuals on lower income levels (particularly women), to increase retirement benefits.

From a ground-breaking $1,000 to a substantial $1,500

From July 2005, the government-offered super co-contribution scheme was increased to a generous $1,500.

For each after-tax (non-concessional) dollar you paid to your superannuation fund, you get $1.50, and up to $1,500 maximum, when you had an income less than a certain amount. To sum up, if you made a contribution of $1,000 to your fund, you got $2,500 in your superannuation account.

Consider this for a second. You got a 150% return, guaranteed on your superannuation money before allowing for any return on your contributions (when the super fund trustees invested the contribution).

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