I had no idea where my lost super was or the names of the funds. I just new it was scattered everywhere and I should definitely have more than $3,000 in my super. Australian Super Finder found all 7 of my funds and now my balance is almost $50,000. Thank you so much for getting my super back on track. ? Leonie, Thomastown VIC

Super Facts and Tips

New Methods of finding Lost Super Compulsory Superannuation

But there exist billions of dollars of unclaimed super out there. Compulsory superannuation is a significant development. It's a nest egg for many of us but that nest egg is lost, and there are these little eggs scattered all over the garden.

The federal government has recently introduced a wave of superannuation reforms to simplify the system. Superannuation works best when it is a system which is accessible and when people can move quickly between multiple accounts. This gives them portability in their savings.

Putting All Your Super Into One Fund

Putting all your super into one fund seems like a good idea to reduce at least the number of fees you're going to be paying, and it also enables you to take control of it and keep an eye of what your super funds do. This is critical.

Unfortunately, women fare worse than men financially. So it's even more important for them to plan ahead and recover their unclaimed funds. The experts think that more of the lost superannuation may well be owned by women who often work many part-time jobs. We know on average superannuation balances are lower for women than they are for men.

Even if you're not sure whether or not you have lost super, it will be better to check and assume you haven't. The process is very simple. All that's required to be done is complete one of our transfer forms and our administrators, will check if you have any lost super at a free charge.

If ever it's determined that you have lost super, we can transfer that fund to your current superannuation account. Take control of your super funds and find your lost super. Go towww.australiansuperfinder.com.au or call our administrators for a free consultation at www.australiansuperfinder.com.au

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