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Super Benefits

Member Benefit Component of a Military Superannuation System

There are two essential components in a military superannuation. Mainly the member benefits funded by you and the employer benefit funded by your employer. First, let us take a look at the member benefits component. This contains both compulsory and voluntary contributions.

Compulsory Contributions

If you're a super fund member, you may be required to contribute 5.5% of your fortnightly after-tax salary, which is automatically deducted out of your pay. In the case of military super, you have an obligation to pay at least 5% of your fortnightly after-tax salary which is also automatically deducted from your part.

If you choose to do so, you could increase this amount up to 10% of the tax salary. The size of the member benefit that you automatically receive from military super will depend on the contributions you make and the investment performance of the investment option you choose. You can choose one investment option or combination of the following options:

• Cash
• Income focused
• Balanced
• Aggressive

If you don't decide, then your money is invested in the balanced option.

Voluntary (Ancillary) Contributions

Military super may also make voluntary contributions. Those are also called Ancillary Contributions, including members, are made to Military Super. One of the most attractive and tax-effective ways to make voluntary contributions is to a process known as salary sacrificing, where you contribute a little bit of your pre-taxed salary as opposed to after-tax salary into superannuation.

You must know that you can make after-tax contributions to military super on behalf of your spouse. And you may transfer balances from other superannuation funds into military super. You may transfer additional contributions and their earnings out of military superannuation to another compliant superannuation fund all the time.

So in essence, the member benefit of your military superannuation scheme is funded by compulsory and voluntary contributions.

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